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All Natural Vitamins is your guide to finding out what's really in your vitamins


Are you confused about what All Natural Vitamins actually are?

I was too, so I set out to find some answers that I’d like to share with you.

After a series of health problems, I had “all natural” vitamins recommended to me as the fastest way back to health.

When my research began I discovered that:

1) Most vitamins are not made from real food at all!

2) Over 90% of a typical vitamin is made up of a “filler” or “binder”

3) Most vitamin production processes rob a large part of the nutritional value from the original ingredients I created this site to guide you through some of the pitfalls of buying all natural vitamins and to suggest some alternatives.

Please note – I am not a doctor, a pharmacist or medical professional.

Like you, I consider myself to be an intelligent individual that can make good decisions given the right information.

The purpose of this site is to give you the best research and information to base your decisions on.

Here are some topics worth looking at

1) Whole food vs. synthetic vitamins
2) Production methods
3) Facts about individual vitamins
4) Why take vitamins in the first place?
5) “Nasties” to look out for
6) Where to buy truly All Natural Vitamins

Happy reading and I hope you find this site useful!

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Natural Vitamin Info Centre
This page aims to be the best source of information on natural vitamins on the web. We hope you enjoy it.

Why do we need vitamins? Take a look at some of the research here.
Why do we need vitamins is a great page resource on why you should consider supplements. Get the facts here.

Take a look at some of the nasties that are put into your vitamins here
There are some truly nasty items that go into making your average vitamin. Here is the place to find out what you need to avoid.

natural Vitamin E is very different from the synthetic version!
Natural Vitamin E contains all eight of the main components, not just alpha-tocopherol. If you don't know the difference, now is the time to learn!

Are the RDI's really the best guide?
Read on to find the three main reasons why the RDI (RDA, DRV and others) is not your best guide to nutrition

Vitamins for the Heart
Can vitamins for the heart really reduce your risk of heart disease?

Anti Aging Natural Supplements
A review of the evidence around anti aging natural supplements - can you really slow down aging with vitamins?

Complete Multi Vitamins
Your buying guide to complete multi vitamins

Fabulous Links
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Facts About Vitamins - The basics of what you need to know
Do you know where your vitamins come from? What the difference between macro and micronutrients is? Get the facts about vitamins here!

All Natural Articles
This is your source for articles about natural and organic vitamins

Contact Us
Have more questions? This is the page to reach us at.

About Us
Want to get to know us? Here is our getting to know you page