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Who I am

Jamieson Jackson, a person with a passion for health and fitness who spends time researching and writing on these topics.

After a series of health challenges, I started looking into what went into the supplements I was taking.

When I switched supplements, I started getting better results.

Why we started All Natural Vitamins

I found it next to impossible to find vitamins to the standard I expected and I thought you might find the same.

In the end myself and my partner Sophie Douglass of Absolutely Pure founded All Natural Vitamins.

Why you should deal with us

1. We are an independent retailer, not tied to selling one product or another. This leaves us free to recommend the best
2. Our products never have any binders, fillers or nasty additives
3. We have the highest standards of any company we have found
4. We ship directly to your door, no waiting in line at the shop
5. We repeat ship, you will never forget to get next month’s supply

What I’d like you to do

Not be fooled by marketing and hype; don’t think you can trust a company because ‘natural’, ‘botanical’ or ‘organic’ appears on the packaging or as part of the company name.

Know that there is no legal definition of ‘natural’ so any company can claim this for its products.

Always read the label.

Remember I’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

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