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If you are looking for a green food of any sort, we recommend Purely Greens.

Green foods, as you know, are there to help alkalise the PH level of your blood and give you a large dose of vegetables that is difficult to get with diet alone.

This particular product is made from:
1) Wheat Grass
2) Barley Grass
3) Alfalfa
4) Oat Grass and
5) Spirulina

However, you will find that a lot of other green food products are made with non-organic materials, are flash-heated and contain mostly filler material.

We like this product for the following reasons:

1) They use 100% organic ingredients. For those of you who are organic conscious, you are correct in stating that Spirulina is not available to be registered as organic in the EU. However it is possible to get an organic rating in the US if you follow their strict guidelines.

2) Pure Planet dries the ingredients slowly, as opposed to flash-heating them. Most green foods are nearly incinerated when they are converted to powder form because the heat is too high and the machine runs too fast. These are slowly dried to keep as much of the nutritional value as possible.

3) No fillers. The Purely Greens product is made without any preservatives, binders or fillers in the material – just ingredients that add value.

The downside

The downside of most green food products (including this one) is the taste.

If you are not used to it, it can taste like a mouthful of grass, unsurprisingly!

If you are used to the taste of green food products, this one is pretty mild, however it still has a "earthy" taste to it.

The best solution we found is to mix it with fruit or vegetable juice rather than water (as it says on the label).

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